Respiratory Training in the West Midlands

Welcome to the MTS trainee page. Please find below information on training in Respiratory Medicine in the West Midlands including links to useful resources. Information for ST3 trainees joining the training programme can be downloaded here:
Introduction to the West Midlands Respiratory Training

Important Contacts

Trainee programme director: Dr K. Srinivasan, Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

Trainee representative: Dr Christopher Huntley

ST3/4 Trainee representative: Dr Manoj Marathe

MTS Trainee representative: Dr Shaun Thein

Training Programme Meetings 2018

Please click on the link to view / open in Word format.

Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

Details of the application process can be found on the West Midlands Deanery Website – Click here for link

Useful contacts:

For further guidance please download this document: LTFT advice for West Midlands Respiratory Trainees

Out of Programme Training and Research

There are many research opportunities within this region. Information on OOP applications can be found on the West Midlands Deanery Website  – Click here for link

  • For information on research opportunities at the University of BIrmingham please download the document below
  • OOP time is not permitted in your ST3 or ST7 year. Applications forms and supporting documents must be submitted at least 6 months prior to the intended start date so it is important to plan ahead.
  • All OOP trainees undergo a structure annual review process to ensure goals are being met. Click below to download the guidelines for writing your annual report for OOP review and the OOP annual review form.

Specialist Registrar Lung Function Portfolio

To access the Lung Function Portfolio please click the following link

Click here for link


Specialist Registrar Module Guidance

Guidance for the SpR modules is here: Module Guidance


Quality Improvement Projects

A new aspect to the curriculum for trainees. To access information and resources please click the following link

QI Projects Further Information